3rd Grade Math Homework Sheets

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See more This printable multiplication worksheet has some interesting problems for your budding math whiz to solve. Students find out more about others’ routines and answer a few questions about their own in this fun worksheet for kids.

See more Do shapes with the same area always have the same perimeter as well? “Castle Walls” is a simple geometry worksheet that helps beginners understand these basic concepts better.

See more With this math worksheet, kids can try their hand at three exercises to understand polygons – from the type of polygon...

See more How many feet are there in each situation?

See more Calculate the value of the money in the worksheet and then identify the items that can be bought with each sum.

See more Add, subtract, multiply or divide the numbers according to the signs in each equation.

See more If you read out the time to your kid, how well will she be able to draw it?

It’s time to test her skills with analogue clocks and watches.

See more Let your third graders try their hand at comparing fractions with this free fraction worksheet, ‘Fractional Differences’.

See more See how well your third graders understand the various units of measurement with this free math worksheet for kids.


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