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The benefits of a systematic Problem Solving Process are obvious.Define, verify and implement Interim Containment Action to isolate the effects of the problem from any internal and/or external Customer until Permanent Corrective (Preventive) Action are implemented.

The benefits of a systematic Problem Solving Process are obvious.

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Isolate and verify the root cause by testing each root cause theory against the Problem Description and test data.

Isolate and verify the place in the process where the effect of the root cause could have been detected and contained but was not (escape point).

The steps are: 8D procedures are used for solving exact problems.

The approach is based on a team working together to solve a problem. The team should include only competent persons actively involved in the process and who have been assigned a task or responsibility in subsequent steps. The more clearly the problem is defined the more likely it will be resolved.

The description must be specific and easy to understand. A complete problem description offers the team directions to solve the problem and helps them prioritize tasks.

For example, the fact that defective products were already sent to a customer is very important in deciding which containment actions to take and in prioritizing those actions.The team as a whole is believed to be better and smarter than the quality sum of the individuals. Government first used an 8D-like process during the Second World War, referring to it as Military Standard 1520 (Corrective action and disposition system for nonconforming material). There may be some education and training required before 8D will work effectively in an organization.8D is also known as: Global 8D, Ford 8D, or TOPS 8D. Ford Motor Company first documented the 8D method in 1987 in a course manual entitled "Team Oriented Problem Solving". To identify the root cause, a systematic and well-documented analysis is needed.Each possible cause should be tested against the problem description and test data.Interim containment actions are a “first aid” that protects the customer from the problem until we define the root cause and implement permanent corrective actions.Containment actions must not introduce any new problems.To effectively prevent a problem from occurring again we have to find the root cause of this problem and remove it.In rare situations there could be more than one root cause.This course was written at the request of senior management of the Power Train organization of the automaker, which was facing growing frustration at the same problems that were recurring year after year. A systematic approach to nonconformity management and continuous improvements are the key elements of every management system.


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