Aids In Africa Essay

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The general poverty and political instability throughout the region also increase risky behaviors such as increasing people’s entry into the sex trade.

Natural disasters and conflict decrease the client base for these sex workers so they are less likely to insist on client’s condom usage and other safer-sex practices.

Political factors As stated before, many major African political leaders have denied the link between HIV and AIDS, favoring alternate theories.

The general global scientific community considers the evidence that HIV causes AIDS to be conclusive, thus completely rejecting any denial of such as pseudoscience.

One successful example statistically demonstrates that the ABC method assisted in a 10% drop in the percentage of HIV cases in Uganda between the years 1990-2001.

Thus, it seems that the foundation for an effective national response is a strong prevention program.

It is also inferred that since the virus transferred itself from chimpanzees (or other apes) to humans, this might have been the catalyst for origination of HIV in human populations in this region around 1930. There is part of the population, mainly in West Africa, infected with HIV-2.

HIV-2 is much like HIV-1 (usually simply “HIV”), in that it leads to AIDS.

Still, despite its lack of scientific acceptance, the methodical denial of AIDS has had a significant political impact – especially under the former South African presidency of Thabo Mbeki.

Religious factors In Kenya, safe-sex commercials are banned.


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