Alcohol Poisoning Thesis

After the mid-1970's the consumption and the ill-effects of alcohol remained constant for approximately 10 years.A decrease in alcohol consumption in the beginning of the 1990's was accompanied by a decrease in alcohol-related problems.In the long term, heavy alcohol consumption can cause high blood pressure, gastric problems, liver cirrhosis, liver cancer, pancreatitis, memory impairment, alcohol dependence and various psychological conditions.

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It can also raise our blood pressure and cholesterol levels, reduce bone density in women and increase the risk of infertility, preterm delivery, stillbirth and sudden infant death syndrome.

Most people like to have a drink or two, be it beer, wine or spirits.

Light drinking is acceptable and may even be beneficial for the heart.

Heavy and binge drinking, on the other hand, can lead to serious medical problems.

The social ill-effects of alcohol are significant also because they do not concern only the so-called problem drinkers.

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Even those who consume alcohol very seldom are exposed to accidents, relationship problems and violence, if the amount of alcohol consumed on a single occasion is high.There are so many diseases caused by smoking that it’s hard to decide where to begin.Any amount and type of smoking is bad for your health.A healthy limit for drinking is usually no more than 2 drinks (3 units of alcohol) a day for men and 1 drink (2 units) a day for women.Binge drinking means having 5 or more drinks for men and 4 or more drinks for women on one occasion.When alcohol consumption has been on the increase, however, the health hazards caused by prolonged high-scale consumption increased more rapidly than alcohol-related social conflicts.Deaths due to alcohol-related liver disease increased very sharply following the cut in alcohol tax in 2004.Alcohol-related problems can be divided into two groups: problems caused by individual occasions of drinking and those due to prolonged consumption.Typical examples of problems caused by occasional and often rather heavy drinking include alcohol poisoning and various accidents linked with intoxication, such as drowning, or injuring oneself by falling.The development of alcohol-related problems has, in other words, followed the development of alcohol consumption.In Finland, the problems related to occasional drinking - social problems and trouble with law and order - have traditionally been more frequent.


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