An Experience You Will Never Forget Essay

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Mum and Dad couldn’t get away much in the summer, enslaved to the farm.

Mum and Dad couldn’t get away much in the summer, enslaved to the farm.

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We would spend summers there, and I was oblivious to the fact that I was less liked. I thought for a moment.“In my hands,” I told him, looking down at them. She got a paddle in the shape of a hand to beat me with.

I don't know if it played any part in what happened though. While fiddling with it, I went over to my grandpa's desk because he called us over to show us a video. The next day, at 10 a.m., my brother came into our shared room and asked if I had seen his Sonic game. The next thing I remember, I'm in the office area, and my brother is telling my grandma I had the game last. I was out of places in the office to look, so I searched in the garbage can, and she lost it.

I thought about my beloved parents and how many years with them stretched before me.

I thought about my grandparents and how much I loved them.

I thought about my older sisters and brother, my nieces, and nephews and how precious they were to me I stared at the dry, brown earth and thanked God I was standing on it.

I told myself, “I will never forget this perfect instant in time when I counted my blessings.Lately, I have been having this strange recurring dream. For the past few nights it has been the same routine: get into bed around P. After waking up the first time, I do the same routine, look around the room. Its eyes are crossed out but glowing red, almost like the operator symbol. I look around again, check in my closet and behind the door, but as I'm getting back into bed, I see a thing in the corner of my room: a very tall, life-like human figure with pure red eyes and almost seaweed-like hair. Its eyes pierce me, almost if it is looking into my soul.My grandparents lived one mile from us – all uphill. My sister was taking her family and me to the circus!I made that trip almost every day, coasting home with the reward of a homemade date filled cookie or potato donut digesting in my belly. I was the youngest of four, and my older sister had children close to my age, so we did a lot of things together.M., check Facebook and Skype for anything new, put my i Pod on charge and go to sleep around A. I always think there is something present in my room, almost as if someone - or something - is watching me. I can't eat because of how much it is bothering me. One day my brother was playing with his DS (he did this everyday), and I took one of the game cartridges and fiddled with it. She yelled something about me throwing it away and smacked my arms and hands with the paddle. The door was open to the garage and I fell backwards through it, still being hit.Then she got out a timer, every 10 minutes that it would go off if I hadn't found it she would spank me.


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