An Introduction To Statistical Problem Solving In Geography

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Bhuiyan Alam, University of Toledo "Without the Mc Grew text my course wouldn't be a 'geographic statistics' course.

I love the book and my students do too." Paul Sutton, University of Denver Part I: BASIC STATISTICAL CONCEPTS IN GEOGRAPHY 1.

Introduction: The Context of Statistical Techniques The Role of Statistics in Geography / Examples of Statistical Problem Solving in Geography 2.

Geographic Data: Characteristics and Preparation Selected Dimensions of Geographic Data / Levels of Measurement / Measurement Concepts / Basic Classification Methods Part II: DESCRIPTIVE PROBLEM SOLVING IN GEOGRAPHY 3.

Concepts are explained clearly and narratively without oversimplification.

Each chapter concludes with a list of major goals and objectives.

The examples are contextually simple to understand without sacrificing too much theory.

Peter Oduor, North Dakota State University This easy-to-understand book is a great resource for students. The authors have presented and explained otherwise complicated topics of statistics in a manner that any college student can easily comprehend.

An epilogue offers over 150 geographic situations, inviting students to apply their new statistical skills to solve problems currently affecting our world.

Data sets for many of the book's examples, appropriate for use with a variety of statistical and GIS software can be downloaded here.


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