Argumentative Essay About Junk Food

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According to Consumer Health Digest, there are several types of food that are bad for brain health.The additives and preservatives in junk food can have impairing effects on cognition.This is why I believe that junk food should be banned. For instance, my school's canteen had a food change to make the food healthier.

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Furthermore, healthier food tends to be more expensive.

The increased expense could result in an increase in school taxes.

Many children in America eat large amounts of junk food, and this can cause health problems.

In fact, junk food is even sold in the vending machines of many schools.

In addition, foods that contain residual amounts of pesticides might cause negative effects on brain health.

Many healthy foods contain chemicals that are necessary for optimal brain function, such as Omega-3s.

Foods with a high level of salt also have been shown to reduce cognitive performance.

Studies have also shown that fatty foods impair cognition.

According to the CDC, more than one third of the population is considered obese.

The rate of obesity is similar among children to the rate of obesity in the general population. According to USAToday, around two thirds of the population is overweight.


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