Army Problem Solving

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Your entire time in uniform was spent navigating solutions to complex challenges.

As you transition, step back from the “what” of your service and focus on the “how” and “why”?

For instance, were you tasked with leading troops through dangerous landscapes? In this example, you would have been responsible for managing their physical, emotional and psychological well-being by safely moving them from one geographic location to another.

The problem you solved, then, was to ensure the safety of your troops in completing high-stakes, complex missions.

"It definitely exceeded my expectations." said Master Sgt.

Joel Beardsley, the 642nd battalion operations NCO.Consider, instead, the problems you solve and those who care about that solution.To say you are a military veteran and know how to solve problems is a great understatement. Shawn Hatch, the battalion's commander, was to get to know his battalion staff and leadership while also practicing skills to lead high-performing teams.Each obstacle required the team to get from point A to point B but differed on how to accomplish the mission."The whole exercise's success was demonstrated by the discussion and learning that occurred during and after the AAR's," Hatch said.Hatch said the best moments were watching the light bulb come on when the team worked through the obstacle."I could see the teams develop in the short time we were on the obstacles.It is a great feeling to see the ‘light come on' when a leadership theory becomes practical and applicable through the exercise," he said.One of the harder obstacles involved climbing over a wall during a "jail break" in which the scenario required noise discipline.Hatch would even freeze the team in mid-air as a "guard" walked by and required only whispering to communicate the plan. Jessica Persoon, the battalion safety officer, the most challenging part was leading her peers.


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