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The charts are good for active and reserve components of the Navy, Marines, Army, Air Force, Coast Guard and National Guard.- .00 to 5.00 (SD-1 through SD-7; Billet specific, Enlisted Members Only). Hazardous duty includes duty involving; parachute jumping as an essential part of military duty, frequent and regular participation in flight operation on the flight deck of an aircraft carrier or ship other than aircraft carrier from which aircraft are launched, the demolition of explosives as a primary duty, including training for such duty - duty inside a high or low-pressure chamber - duty as a human acceleration or deceleration experimental subject, duty as a human test subject in thermal stress experiments, duty involving the servicing of aircraft or missiles with highly toxic fuels or propellants, fumigation tasks utilizing highly toxic pesticides, laboratory work utilizing live dangerous viruses or bacteria, handling of chemical munitions, maritime visit, board, search and seizure operations and duty involving use of ski-equipped aircraft on the ground in Antarctica or on the Arctic ice-pack. For Imminent Danger Pay (IDP), Sailors will receive .50 for each day on duty in an IDP-eligible area up to the maximum monthly rate of 5.Military pay amounts are monthly, and they are distributed on the 1st and 15th day of the month.

Latest ESRP policy update (multiples) per NAVADMIN 085/19.

Allowances make up a good bulk of one's military pay.

The following are the typical tasks for each incentive compensation role: The following figure shows the Assign Draws and Incentives task in the Manage Incentive Compensation business process flow.

The task comes after Model and Configure Incentive Plans and before transaction processing.

- COLA is a cash allowance intended to compensate for high cost of living areas.

COLA is not assigned to areas where the cost of living is less than of meets the average of that in the United Sates. A service member must be permanently assigned to the area to receive COLA.If, however, there is a break in service, the time between periods of service usually is not included.Your personnel office is responsible for providing the basic pay date, total active federal military service date, total commissioned federal military service date, and a variety of other dates, depending on the nature of the individual member's service. Start with the Basic Pay, and then add to it the various pays and allowances the member may be entitled.- A clothing allowance is given to Airmen, Coast Guardsmen, Marines, Sailors and Soldiers to help pay for uniforms and other clothing costs.Note: For SELRES personnel clothing rates, check with your local Navy Operational Support Center.When you run the Deploy Incentive Plans process, every participant is assigned to the plans and groups that have the same role.In the example shown in the following figure, role A is assigned to a participant, compensation plan, payment plan, and pay group.FSA is payable to qualified members serving inside or outside the United States.Page written and maintained by NCCM Thomas Goering USN(RET). Armed Forces include the active and reserve components of the Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marine Corps, National Guard, and Navy.A duty assignment characterized by extremely demanding duties or duties demanding an unusual degree of responsibility. For Hostile Fire Pay (HFP), Sailors who are exposed to hostile fire or a hostile mine explosion event are eligible to receive non-prorated HFP at the full monthly amount of 5.Members may not receive both IDP and HFP in the same month.


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