Association Of Women In Mathematics Essay

Experts have questioned how to combat the recent drop of math professionals in the United States, and the overwhelming response has been to recruit women to the field.In order to do that, girls and women must be educated in the subjects of science, technology, engineering and mathematics, commonly referred to as STEM.

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Maria Gaetana Agnesi was destined for a life in mathematics, being born on May 16, 1718 to a professor of mathematics.

"She was recognized as a child prodigy very early; spoke French by the age of five; and had mastered Latin, Greek, Hebrew, and several modern languages by the age of nine.

In 1827, she started what would become her most successful study.

Lord Brougham convinced her to "write a popularized rendition of Laplace's Mecanique celeste and Newton's Principia" (Cite).

The Association was founded in 1971 as the Association of Women Mathematicians, but the name was changed almost immediately.

As reported in "A Brief History of the Association for Women in Mathematics: The Presidents' Perspectives", by Lenore Blum, "As Judy Green remembers (and Chandler Davis, early AWM friend, concurs): 'The formal idea of women getting together and forming a caucus was first made publicly at a MAG [Mathematics Action Group] meeting in 1971 ... Joanne Darken, then an instructor at Temple University and now at the Community College of Philadelphia, stood up at the meeting and suggested that the women present remain and form a caucus. It's not absolutely clear what happened next, except that I've personally always thought that Mary was responsible for getting the whole thing organized ....'" Mary W.The paper was presented in front of the Royal Society, where she became the first women to present to the Royal Society.This paper was later disproved however it was a starting point for her career in mathematics and for women in the field.Several initiatives have begun to offer STEM support for females of all ages, ranging from specialized math and science programs in secondary school to college and graduate scholarship opportunities for aspiring mathematicians and scientists.According to the National Bureau of Economic Research, men constituted over 90 percent of college graduates in the 1970-1971 academic year.It offers numerous programs and workshops to mentor women and girls in the mathematical sciences.Much of AWM’s work is supported through federal grants.The American Association of University Women has worked for more than 130 years to promote economic and educational equality for women.The Association provides a Selected Professions Fellowship for women to pursue graduate degrees in mathematics and other STEM fields.She went on to write many more books on mathematics which earned her election to the Royal Astronomical Society as the first women.Mary Fairfax Somerville lead the pathway for women in the man's world.


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