Auto Body Shop Business Plan

You should present the relevant market as concrete and measurable, meaning in numbers.

The German auto repair market for example is divided into two groups.

We will examine the damage, explain the claim and repair process, then answer any questions or concerns you may have.

During the estimating process, we will appraise the damage to your vehicle following insurance guidelines (when applicable), create a detailed repair plan along with an estimated completion date and discuss this information with you.

Bishop outlines his plan to sell his business as a brand that could easily be remembered by customers and could be reached through a catchy phone number: 1-800-Ding-Guy.

and investors will remain closed to you unless you submit a convincing auto repair business plan.A complete and detailed written explanation of all work performed is presented, along with a copy of our limited lifetime warranty, We will interactively deliver your vehicle and explain all aspects of the repair, answering any questions that you may have to ensure an exceptional experience. Everyone was super nice and they always texted me letting me know what was going on with my car. My son's car looked beautiful and was done ahead of schedule! But the service is awesome and friendly and knowledgeable. My car was even finished before the initial date they gave me. James Bishop, owner of The Ding Guy in Colorado Springs, Colo., has established a paintless dent repair business plan that includes a separate body shop.Back in the early 1990s, Bishop says paintless dent repair was considered magic—voodoo even—to body shop owners.LEARN MORE From the onset, our customers will receive an interactive and educational experience.Your vehicle will be checked-in by our friendly staff.In this article we will try to give you some food for thought on the way as you write a professional business plan for your auto repair shop.PS: Please also be sure to check out our article on for more inspiration to create a business plan. This means that there are some important prerequisites that you should be aware of as the owner and founder.When Bishop first opened his paintless dent repair facility, both customers and other shop owners were skeptical of its potential for success.And when he recently opened a separate body shop, even potential employees were wary of the endeavor.


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