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Add "Report: Historical: Split/Skill: Summary Interval: Export Data","_Desc" '## Parameters. Make sure you change the skill numbers to ones that match your call centre: 'LANGUAGE=ENU 'SERVERNAME=cms Public Sub Main() '## cvs_cmd_begin '## ID = 2001 '## Description = "Report: Historical: Split/Skill: Summary Interval: Export Data" '## Parameters. This has the working code and is great for beginners or if you want to save time. Start the Visual Basic editor from Excel and add the Avaya objects references. Interactive Then Msg Box "The Report " & s Report Name & " was not found on ACD 1", vb Critical Or vb OKOnly, "Centre Vu Supervisor" Else Set Log = Create Object("ACSERR.cvslog") Log.

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One other question - do you know how you would refresh (or simulate a refresh) a historical report via VBA?

I'm making some progress with Access, but there are some slightly different behaviors I'm noticing. It has a restart in the menu which is kind of what I'm thinking, restart it, feed it the .

Set cms Application = Create Object("Application") Set cms Server = Create Object("Server") Set cms Connection = Create Object("Connection") cms Connection.b Auto Retry = True ' Connects to the server, launches acs & (2x) If cms Application. Set Property(report Prompt(1, 2), report Prompt(2, 2)) And cms Report. For example: my Date Property = "date" my Date = "5/24/2018" '' if American format or "24/5/2018" if Australian. Set Property(my Date Property , my Date) Hoe this clears it up. Apart from this i used one more from which is working fine for me but on other systems is not working throwing the error. Server Key Like "*\" & s Server IP & "\*\*\*" Then ' b Connected = True ' Msg Box "Avaya Connected!

Create Server(my Log, my Pass, "", my Server, False, "ENU", cms Server, cms Connection) Then If cms Connection.login(my Log, my Pass, my Server, "ENU", "", False) Then End If End If ' Gets collection of Reports available on cms Server Set cms Catalog = cms Server. Set Property(report Prompt(1, 3), report Prompt(2, 3)) Then End If ' Runs report and extracts results cms Report. "Active X components cannot create" Bold and Italic line throw this error. Click OK to proceed." ' Exit For ' End If 'Next i Server If b Connected = False Then If cms Application. Reports("Historical\Designer\CNX Ryder Split/Skill Interval Svc Lvl") If cvs Rep Info Is Nothing Then If cms Server.

When you are in a report if you click on the Report button in the menu and select script and save it you can then run the report by just double clicking on the script Name.acsauto file. But did you know you can edit that file to make it run for multiple skills and saves each in a different file?

Task ID Set Rep = Nothing End If End If Set Info = Nothing End Sub Sub logout() Set Log = Nothing Set Rep = Nothing Set cvs Srv = Nothing Set cvs App = Nothing End Sub Now I though some of you might want to automate mutliple reports from CMS Avaya and save the output to text files without using VBA Excel but rather using the script file that Avaya allows you to save.

In this code sample I will demonstrate how to automate the Avaya Call Management System software from Excel. Screen Updating = 0 sk = "1" ''''''' change this number to a valid skill number that matches you CMS installation This Workbook.

I will give an example on how to obtain an Agent Trace report and paste it on the first sheet in an Excel application. Export Data("", 9, 0, False, True, True) Set wk = This Workbook wk.

When I first started my current role in a call centre I found myself exporting and pasting numerous reports from Avaya CMS into Excel in order to compile all sort of business reports for the call centre managers. See the screen shot below, click to view larger image.

I thought this was tedious and my hand was sore from doing repetitive things. If you add the references to the VBA editor you should be able to use the below instead to create the objects, so when you type ACSUP., ACSCN., etc...


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