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These include self-publishing, marketing, and general writing tips.

Kroeker provides one of the more popular writing blogs.

He presents information on many helpful tools for authors.

This blog can help you start building a website or even a literary magazine.

Looking for some inspiration to up your writing game, but want to be sure you follow the right people?

Check out the five writing blogs below for creative tips and tricks.Anyway, he put together a great list of 39 Great Writing Blogs that he believes are most worthy of your precious time.Here’s what he says: There are so many blogs out there by and for writers.Occasionally choose incorrectly from their, there, or they’re?Grammar Girl is called the “Queen of Punctuation” and can help you understand nuanced grammar issues.That way, I can check them out for next year’s list.Best Blogs for Writers He then goes on to list all of them in tiers of All-Star Blogs (best of the best), Great Blogs (ready to crack into the best of the best) and Blogs that Rock (worth checking out regularly).A man name Joel Friedlander is responsible for The Book Designer, one of the great writing blogs.He provides a helpful view of the publishing aspects of being an author and writing for a living.There are countless blogs and so-called experts online with advice.While some of it may be helpful, the amount of information can be overwhelming to sift through.


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