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Be a Freelance Blogger This blog is for bloggers who are so crazy about writing that they want to make it their main thing and do it for a living.Check out: How to Write a Blog Post in 8 Steps: Back to Basics 30.Check out: 10 Things You’ll Find in Every Bestselling Book 7. The Writer’s Alley This blog’s friendly community is an environment where writers connect to discuss what it’s like to be a writer today.

Be a Freelance Blogger This blog is for bloggers who are so crazy about writing that they want to make it their main thing and do it for a living.

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Eva Deverell’s Blog This blog is a writing help portal with lots of resources, from vocabulary tips to free writing templates and outlines. Writers Digest University Besides posts on all kinds of writing (from academic to creative to blog content writing), this website also offers workshops for writers of all levels. Daily Writing Tips This is one of the most popular blog websites for writers, and it ensures that its subscribers improve their writing skills every day.

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Remarkable Communications Whatever you do, you probably face the need to communicate effectively.

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Jane Friedman’s Blog This blog is for all kinds of writers who want to master the art and learn more about the industry.

Joe Konrath’s Blog This blog is run by a successful author who shares his techniques for giving readers goosebumps or making them laugh out loud. Check out: 6 Techniques to Jumpstart Writing Efficiency and Productivity Copywriting is a direction many freelancers choose as their career.

Learn how to get started in this business, find new clients, and increase your income. Master Dayton This blog is run by a freelance writer who reaches out to fellow freelance writers, sharing with them everything he finds helpful for his work.

Poets and Writers Members of a large community of creative writers exchange information on writing tools, self-promotion, and networking. Publication Coach An educational consultant and writing coach shares tips on how to write simply, enjoyably, and effectively.

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