Book Report On Night Hoops

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Setting a Purpose for Reading Ask students to read to find out who the book is about and what that person achieves in the story.

Coy also uses basketball in writing workshops that he conducts for children.

In his Basketball and Poetry Writing Workshop, Coy has students shoot hoops and then write poems about their experiences while playing the game.

After students have read the book, ask them to think about these questions: Could this book have been about me? Vocabulary Next, have students work in pairs to find each word in a dictionary.

Ask them to write two sentences using each word, one sentence about basketball and once sentence about another topic.

To help students integrate their reading experiences with other curriculum areas, you might try some of the following activities.

Drama Students will enjoy acting out some of the basketball terms from the story.

He doubts his new couch, Cal, and doesn't think that he'll be there for his new team.

He soon realizes what the man has done in his past, and can completely connect with him.

I have learned a lot from this book, and I think that anyone who reads it will too. Remember, you must always work to improve yourself because there is always someone working hard to challenge you. i think yu need to go to the forums or something because there's a reason people comment and it's NOT for homework help.

I am now reading more Walter Dean Myers books, and he has became my favorite author. Life is a series of challenges that we must all endure. by the way, i think this review makes me want to read Hoops.


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