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To ensure you are protected if something should go wrong, you will want to check that the practitioner has appropriate insurance cover.Some of the more reliable clinics will always offer pre-consultations to clients at an extra cost who are new to the procedures and want to gain more knowledge before undergoing the procedure.Sometimes one bad review can sway your decision and may help you dodge a bullet.

To ensure you are protected if something should go wrong, you will want to check that the practitioner has appropriate insurance cover.

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However, there are few real-life data of its use.254 adults with chronic migraine were injected with Onabotulinumtoxin A BOTOX as per PREEMPT Protocol between July 2010 and May 2013, their headache data were collected using the Hull headache diary and analysed to look for headache, migraine days decrements, crystal clear days increment in the month post treatment, we looked at the 50% responder rate as well.

Our prospective analysis shows that Onabotulinumtoxin A, significantly, reduced the number of headache and migraine days, and increased the number of headache free days.

In one of the studies, dermatologists at Hindu Rao Hospital in India injected small amounts of diluted botulinum toxin into the rosacea-affected areas of 30 patients.

Given 5mm apart and just under the skin’s surface, the injections were carried out under local anaesthetic and results showed there was a significant reduction in redness in less than two weeks, and improvements lasted up to four months.

One theory is that with rosacea it targets compounds in the skin, which in turn stops blood vessels dilating.

It may also block immune cells that are involved in the inflammatory response that worsens the condition.Two recent research papers found that injections of botulinum toxin were successful in treating the condition.The researchers believe the toxin may stop blood vessels dilating, and thus reduce the characteristic red, flushed skin, as well as tackling inflammation.‘The effect of botulinum toxin has been noted in anecdotal reports by other doctors before, but it is good to hear of a larger study demonstrating its efficacy.As the most popular aesthetic procedure in the world, more and more clinics are offering Botox treatments in the UK.You will want to research into the clinic to ensure the staff are all trained and have the papers to prove their qualifications.When finding a clinic, it is best to ensure that they are an established medical and cosmetic clinic.In the second study, researchers at the University of California in the U. found that botulinum toxin blocks immune cells called mast cells and prevents inflammation.Dr Bav Shergill, a consultant dermatologist at Brighton General Hospital and Queen Victoria Hospital, said: ‘As a rosacea sufferer myself, I am always interested in new treatment approaches.Many of us may already have a firm favourite practitioner, however for someone new to Botox, deciding where to go can seem daunting.To aid you with your research we spoke to Dr Nick Milojevic, owner and clinical director of the Milo Clinic which specialises in aesthetic procedures and treatments.


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