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According to demographic experts, half of the world’s population is made up of people who are under twenty-five years of age.Therefore, the youth demographic presents film makers with a sizable market for their wares.The main message in the movie is that despite all our outer differences, we are all going through the same type of problems.

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In the history of cinema, there have been several movies that have played a definitive role in the youth cultures of the time (Hanson 58).

Once, the author was in the rural area for some work. But unlike urban folk they do not seem to complain. The author conveys an important message that happiness is not necessarily linked to wealth and material gains.

While walking at dawn in the cold autumn, he comes across a family of cotton pickers. The story teller seems to idealize the life of simplicity led by those simple villagers that were thankful to God while the man of city has gone so much materialized that he does not seem to be satisfied despite the heaps on heaps of favors by God Almighty.

In the 1980s, the leading personality in the teen-themed movie industry was John Hughes.

Hughes’ movies were top in the list of most influential youth films.


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