Bressay Field Reserves

Bressay Field Reserves-59
Also not included are some larger discoveries that have not been fully appraised (e.g.Cambo, which is close to Rosebank and of similar size, Jackdaw, which is an ultra-high pressure / high temperature marginal gas field, and some other gas prospects in the West of Shetland area) plus several smaller discoveries that may be commercial at high prices or may need neighbouring discoveries to become so.

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Some later prospects that are still in the planning stages I’ve estimated based on available data from companies’ news releases and presentations.

In fact the original fields are approaching exhaustion and the smaller additions are now declining after being brought on-line early.

The gas plant has recently been in turn around and some work may have been done to improve well delivery.

The production profiles presented in the applications are usually for P10 cases, so actual decline will be steeper than shown, for example this year’s drop off in Buzzard was actually not predicted until next year, even in their P50 case (which was presented as part of the Buzzard II development application), and if the new projects perform as well as Laggan or Scolty & Crathes then the decline will be very quick indeed.

(Click to enlarge)(Click to enlarge)I have included all known discoveries that look commercial with reasonable oil prices but have not included any allowance for future discoveries, though there aren’t many of those at the moment.


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