Builders Business Plan

Using your expertise to launch your program into the world is exciting!With that said, any investment requires a commitment.Now that you have designed an amazing program, this will help makes sure that your customers see the value and feel compelled to buy.

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You will continue to talk to potential customers and update/adjust your ideal customer avatar and solution suite until you have a solid understanding of who you serve and confirmation that they are willing to purchase your solution. Over 6 sections, it walks you through creating your life vision/plan, breaking down goals, getting your personal finances in order, testing and validating your business model, how to structure your business so that it can run without you, and how to leave your job and transition into full-time entrepreneurship.

In order to help you overcome this struggle, we are throwing in our Time Management plan.

With so much information, it is hard to decide which information to follow, especially when a lot of the information contradicts each other.

Joining the Incubator will give you the exact steps to take when starting your business.

They key to success is to prioritize and maximize your time, which means understanding what is important and focusing your resources towards that.

One of the many amazing bonuses that we are offering along with this program is our Foundations program.Perfectionism has killed more launches than anything else.Instead of trying to build the perfect program that includes EVERYTHING (which is a lot of work), you could design your program in such a way that it only contained what was essential to help your customer get their desired results.This course will help you build a solid foundation for your business, including our custom planning process that helps you set goals in both your personal life as well as your business.It also includes an execution that you can follow to achieve you goals, plus meeting agendas and templates to help you work towards you goals and make adjustments when you are off track.In this module, you will design your suite of solutions (including your program) so that you will continue to solve your customer's problems and they keep buying.This means that you can spend less time marketing and more time supporting your customers because each customer is paying you more money.As former employees to now being successful entrepreneurs with 3 businesses, we knew that we could make a greater impact on the world while creating financial freedom for our family, but we struggled for so long with how.During this first module, you will get the exact steps and tools to help you narrow down and define your ideal customers and understand everything about them, including their Customer Journey and the steps that they will take to purchase.This allows you to avoid the embarrassment of launching your program and not having any sales.In this module, we will guide you through crafting your sales process, including what to say and even how to overcome objections.


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