Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning For It Professionals

Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery Planning For It Professionals-45
This book combines over 500 years of experience from leading Business Continuity experts of many countries.

It covers the various specializations within the field – emphasizing the exciting yet complex roles and opportunities for information professionals in a variety of information environments.

With that foundation in place, it presents the fundamentals of information services, delves into management skills needed by information professionals today, and explores emerging issues related to the rapid development of new technologies.

Some of the original underlying principles remain the same – but much has changed.

This is reflected in this radically updated third edition, with exciting and helpful new content from new and innovative contributors and new case studies bringing the book right up to the minute.

Praktische Beispiele von Standardsoftware, insbesondere SAP R/3, veranschaulichen die Ausführungen.

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With a pedigree going back over ten years, The Definitive Handbook of Business Continuity Management can rightly claim to be a classic guide to business risk management and contingency planning, with a style that makes it accessible to all business managers.With distributed networks, increasing demands for confidentiality, integrity and availability of data, and the widespread risks to the security of personal, confidential and sensitive data, no organization can afford to ignore the need for disaster planning.Author Susan Snedaker shares her expertise with you, including the most current options for disaster recovery and communication, BCDR for mobile devices, and the latest infrastructure considerations including cloud, virtualization, clustering, and more.The content and supplemental materials – discussion questions, rich sets of online accessible materials, multimedia webcast interviews featuring authors from this book discussing the trends and issues in their respective areas, and chapter presentation slides for use by instructors – give readers the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of and engagement with the topics.Additionally, this book recognizes the broad range of environments that people with Master of Library and Information Science (MLIS) degrees work in, which include both libraries and other information environments.The book addresses how libraries and information centers serve different kinds of communities, highlighting the unique needs of increasingly diverse users and how information organizations and information professional’s work to fulfill those needs.This book provokes discussion, critical thinking, and interaction to facilitate the learning process.Tom Hopkins ist als Verkäufer zum Multimillionär geworden und lüftet für Sie nun die Geheimnisse seines Erfolgs.Er erklärt Ihnen, wie Sie Termine setzen, sich richtig präsentieren, was Sie über Ihr Produkt wissen müssen, wie Sie Bedenken zerstreuen und zu guter Letzt den Abschluss tätigen. Noch lange nicht, er verrät Ihnen auch, warum Sie nicht zu viel über Ihr Produkt verraten sollten ...Thus, this book does not only focus on libraries, but instead encompasses ALL kinds of information organizations.Verkaufen ist Kampf, verkaufen ist Kunst und gemeinhin wird es unterschätzt.


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