Business Continuity Plan For Small Business

Here are 8 basic steps to keep in mind when putting together your plan.

Click on the link in each step to find more information and useful templates from BDC's complete Business Continuity Guide.

Business continuity templates can be used in any industry for IT disaster recovery, continuity of customer facing operations, and backup of transport & logistics operations.

This article will briefly discuss 1) the four key components of a BCP template; 2) the importance of performing regular audits on your BCP; 3) software tools to help streamline BCP record keeping; and 4) free BCP templates you can download and customize for your business.

As with other business aspects, planning for an emergency relies on the following: Use the Planning Team for Business Continuity in an Emergency form (DOC) to clearly identify the team members and coordinator who will create your BCP for emergencies, along with their respective contact information.

This means that your business may be forced to modify, reduce, or even eliminate specific services/functions to cope with the impacts of the emergency.

It is advisable to assign one person to lead the planning process.

You should also ensure that this "emergency manager" has the authority to get things done.

After all, in an emergency situation, your employees may not be able to come to work.

Your suppliers may face a shortage of the materials you need to continue your business activities, or demand for your services may simply decline.


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