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Additionally, they possess strong technical skills, broad expertise, and solid understanding of their regions’ challenges and opportunities, and can provide critical capacity that local governments may lack.

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Click here to download a compiled report (in PDF format) describing the work of EDDs that received funding from EDA to help recover and rebuild from 2008 disasters in and nearby states.

Businesses can suffer costly damage, be cut off from supply lines, lose sales, and experience interrupted operations.

In some cases, they may even be forced to close permanently.

The presenter will walk you through a real disaster that impacted a large business and forced them to enact ALL of their business continuity plans. Learn from some very valuable and real lessons learned while recovering a corporate campus from a nine-day outage.

A2: Metrics and Measures in a Large Enterprise Using metrics and measurements to demonstrate how prepared a company is to recover from a business continuity incident.They are providing post-disaster gap financing to small businesses in emerging sectors, rebuilding their downtowns and main streets in ways that are safe and resistant to the effects of extreme weather, and analyzing their economic vulnerabilities and addressing them through industry diversification and other means.They are also developing databases of business and infrastructure information to quickly identify recovery needs, helping businesses prepare for future events, and integrating disaster resilience into economic development and land use plans.Case Studies published February 8, 2019 Iowa State Savings Bank (ISSB), a locally owned community bank in Knoxville needed to make improvements to its business continuity and disaster recovery plan, and they turned to Aureon for help.After an overhaul of their hardware and design infrastructure, ISSB can now rest easy knowing that all critical banking functions could be back on track quickly if something happened.Metrics, measures, and KPI’s are a hot topic in the growing age of big data.But what metrics make sense for business continuity?Read more about the importance of having a disaster recovery plan in place.In the wake of natural disasters, local and regional economies are extremely vulnerable.The case studies demonstrate how regions have effectively used federal funding to address the impacts of natural disasters, become more resilient to future events, and increase economic competitiveness and quality of life.While every disaster and every region have unique characteristics, EDDs and other organizations can learn a lot from each other about planning for disasters during so-called “blue-sky” periods, building partnerships, pursuing non-traditional funding sources, encouraging community engagement, and seizing the abundant opportunities to build back better following an event.


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