Business Plan For Chicken Farm

Big companies such as KARI, Kenchic, as well as Kukuchic are among the agents that you can buy your chicken breed from.

It is very essential to have a good location of your poultry farm so that it can give you assurance of gaining best returns that we result from the success of your business.

When you become a guru in this business, there is no harm if you go for more than one niche.

Some of the poultry niche that are common in Kenya include broilers breeding, layers breeding, and chicken breeding.

The first thing to put into consideration is the needs of the birds as well as for those who will be operating in it, labor efficient.

Some of the common poultry housing systems used in Kenya include: Deep litter system In this poultry house system, you will be required to spread saw dust (wood shavings) on the ground to act as cushions to the birds; then change it regularly.Earlier, we informed you that most prefer to rear the domestic fowl and therefore making us to focus on them.The commercial breeds of chickens in Kenya include the kuroiler, sasso.Below are the things you need to consider before starting that dream poultry farming business.Poultry farming is wide and you have to specialize in one niche for you to succeed.Kenbro This kind of chickens breed are reared for eggs and meat; it belongs to kenchick.In 6 months time, the kenbro will start laying eggs though their production of eggs is said to be lower when compared to the layers. If you want to start-up the business at a large-scale, then you have to invest around 1 million.In Kenya, most farmers tend to rear chickens because its meat and eggs tend to be in a great sought-after compared to the other types of birds. If yes, read on and get some tips that will be helpful to you.A business plan on poultry farming is a mind opener for any potential poultry farmer.The good bit is that broilers tend to grow very fat when well taken care off resulting to making you huge profits.The major reason to invest in a business forever revolves around the returns. Do a good research if people around you are in need of meat or eggs to know your field of specialization.


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