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These people may be willing to pay you to haul 40 boxes to the post office every few days.Others may be social butterflies who always need invitations and cards hand-delivered to their acquaintances, or they may be hyper-litigious and need a good legal courier to serve papers on everyone they feel needs suing.In the modern Canadian economy, everybody is looking, it seems, for a sure-bet small business to start.

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One of the really nice things about running a courier and delivery service is how easy it is to scale up when you’re ready to expand.

When you reach the happy realization that you’re servicing as many addresses as you realistically can in a day, doubling your capacity is as easy as buying a second bicycle or car and hiring somebody reliable.

The basic responsibility of a courier business involves transporting goods and documents from point A to B, but that’s the easy part.

A successful work-from-home courier business opportunity depends on a lot more.

Daily, high-volume work can be found here by simply meeting with a large company’s Vice President of Putting Stuff in the Mailbox.

Not only can it be easy to get a company’s business, the type of things they need you to deliver can vary enormously, from small boxes full of knickknacks to truckloads of piano components to rolled-up blueprints and legal papers.


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