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As I outlined the Audience pillar within the plan, I therefore used a lot of inputs from profiles that Starbucks had already built.This gives a great foundation and grounding for the rest of the plan.Starbucks work to an annual planning cycle, so it's important that the marketing plan is aligned and ties directly into where the business is headed.

As I outlined the Audience pillar within the plan, I therefore used a lot of inputs from profiles that Starbucks had already built.This gives a great foundation and grounding for the rest of the plan.

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Marketing Goals In defining Starbucks' marketing goals, I've leaned heavily on their wider business goals given that I'm building a global, top-down plan.

The defined marketing goals fall into the purview of marketing, although there will be a number of different stakeholders and parties involved in their achievement.

Although further expansion in this territory is a strategic goal for Starbucks, for the purposes of this illustration I haven't included it.

As I'm using this as a case study, it's worth reviewing and outlining how and why I've entered the information in the template as I have, so you can thereby get a feel for how to build your own One Page Marketing Plans: Starbucks themselves have a very clear understanding of their overall audience, but crucially, also a focussed view on who it is that they're specifically targeting.

I'm merely using them for inspiration and to illustrate the One Page Marketing Plan in action.

That said, I've tried to make it as representative as possible, with my own take and ideas for what they should be focussing on and doing.Customer Journey Starbucks have a very detailed customer journey map that they've created - the discipline here, therefore, is to represent that in a way which summarises the outputs, and informs the overall plan.I've concentrated on the key stages of the customer journey, as well as specific customer touch points that will later guide our thinking around the marketing channels and tactics & activities that we intend to use.It focuses, clarifies, and simplifies your marketing planning and actions.For the purposes of demonstrating how to build and populate the One Page Marketing Plan, I've taken Starbucks as a case study.In completing the One Page Marketing Plan, it's about filtering and condensing all of the information into the salient and relevant points.You'll also note that I added an image - the great thing about the One Page Marketing Plan is that you can add visual references as well - this is a terrific way to bring it to life, making it more engaging and consumable for your internal and external audiences.The ultimate aim is to get to the 2018 goals, but this approach gives much more scope and speed to course correct when things aren't working or moving in the right direction.Key Strategies This is where we start getting meaty!The key strategies are the broad approaches and methods that Starbucks will apply to achieve their marketing goals. These are broader and at a higher level than the subsequent tactics and activities that will then be applied. The key strategies talk directly to the marketing goals by outlining how they'll be accomplished.Pricing & Positioning In the pricing & positioning section I've outlined the broad pricing policy that I see Starbucks will want to maintain; that they hold a price premium versus their competitive set.


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