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If your business isn’t going to make any money, it won’t be successful so you need to be very clear on how you will make a profit.A business plan is a crucial activity for any entrepreneur or business owner looking to start or expand their business.

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This is also where you would include details on your business model.

Below is a video on the components of a business model and how you can develop your own. Management and Operations Summary This sections provides some insights into how your business will be run.

Without a plan a business is likely to fail or stagnate.

Biz Connect provides a Free Business Plan template that asks all the right questions so that you can start thinking about important business aspects such as: ncludes: This template aims to show you what key information you would need to include and why.

But, there's no reason why you can't start crafting your business plan today.

It’s really important that potential investors can understand what your business is all about from a quick glance at your plan.The details will help you drill down into how you will actually deliver your plan.A big part of knowing whether your business will be successful is understanding your audience.A business plan gives an outline of your business, the market in which it will operate and how it aims to make money - and should answer this question: why will your business succeed when so many others fail?We can help you answer this during our Enterprise programme, which provides you with the skills, tools and confidence you need to become your own boss.If you know of any trends or industry insights that your business would benefit from, now is the time to mention it. The Business Strategy This section of your business plan looks at how you’ll go about competing in your chosen market.Delve into how you’ll position your brand, whether you’ll have a niche offering or not and how you are different to your competitors.Consider that, in the same way as you would test-drive a vehicle before purchasing it, we need information about your company before we partner with you.Potential business partners need to know how their investment will be used, and ultimately, what it will achieve for the business.Make sure your plan is clear about your target market – who will you be selling to and how many other companies are already selling similar products?The other essential part of a business plan is the finance section.


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