California Bar Essays 2011

Also, memorizing dozens of subject areas can be quite overwhelming, especially if you did not get the opportunity to take a particular course during your law school years.

To assist you, please keep an eye out for 10-minute or less videos that provide you with a general overview of a vast number of subject areas that will allow you to memorize them more effectively and efficiently!

Follow these 8 steps for each essay on the bar exam.

If you practice them now, you will know exactly what to do so that you can be on “auto-pilot” the days of the exam. First, set it for 15 minutes which is the amount of time needed for outlining.

A key part of passing the exams is also to ensure that you practice enough under timed conditions.

Check out past bar exam essays and selected answers that you can use for purposes of outlining or writing full essays, good luck!

Next thing you know, you got carried away with your analysis and missed spotting some issues.

A bar instructor once gave out a very valuable tip: If you don’t understand the hypo, read it again, and if you still don’t understand it, read it again. There are some subjects like Wills, Trusts and Property where the characters and facts need to be diagrammed.

is the most valuable tool you can use to prepare for the California Bar Examination.

The essays on the California Bar Exam make up 39% of your score.


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