Causes Of Drunk Driving Essay

Driving in this state can also cause you to get a ticket depending what trouble you get yourself into, whether it be speeding when you are angry, that can be a very costly ticket that can be easily avoided by cooling off and refraining from driving before you get out of the emotional state.Driving while you are fatigued is very dangerous because you will not be able to keep your eyes on the road and make wise decisions.Being fatigued can cause your eyes to get heavy and sometimes cause you to fall asleep in the driver’s seat.

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These types of impaired driving cause road safety issues for both the driver and other drivers on roads everywhere.

Drinking and driving with alcohol continues to be one of Ontario’s most significant road safety issues.

The best option to avoid any accidents is to pull over to the far right side of the road, as far as you can off the road or into a nearby parking lot and put the car in park and have a nap.

If after the nap you are still fatigued you should call for a pick up by a trusted friend or family member.

Pull over to the far side of the road or pull into a nearby parking lot to cool off or stay at home and refrain from driving for a while until you are in a stable state that is safe to go out and drive.

You can possibly cause a serious accident or even injuries to yourself and other drivers on the road.Drugs can cause you not to think through decisions before making them.When under the influence you have control over your body and who knows what would happen, it could be as extensive as waking up in the hospital or not waking up at all.Regardless of public perception that drugs may be less harmful to drivers, evidence is growing that drug impairment contributes to collisions.Roadside saliva tests have become more accurate and cost-effective in recent years, particularly for the most commonly-used drugs.Advanced age affects the safety of the roads because when we age, our senses do not work as they did when they were younger drivers.There are many accidents involving advanced age or senior drivers.Driving drunk is never a good idea, if a member of the police catches you drinking and driving or suspects that you are under the influence they will pull you over and ask for some simple tests, such as a breathalyzer test that calculates your blood alcohol concentration levels.If you fail these tests by getting over the legal limit of blood alcohol concentration and you were drinking and driving, your driver’s licence will be immediately, you will be fined, you can spend time in jail, you will receive at least 4 demerit points, and your insurance cost will go up in cost.Driving school is recommended for all young drivers to give them the experience that they need and also the knowledge they need to become safe and alert drivers.For example, an inexperienced driver coming up to a stop sign might not know who’s right of way it is and possibly cause an accident.


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