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The success of a change management process is dependent on the extent to which it is positively accepted by the organisational employees, and emotional decisions have a crucial role to play in motivating employees in positively accepting to change (Liu and Perrewe, 2005).

The success of a change management process is dependent on the extent to which it is positively accepted by the organisational employees, and emotional decisions have a crucial role to play in motivating employees in positively accepting to change (Liu and Perrewe, 2005).

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Further, change is usually a very complex process, and it requires adequate level of resources to be utilised by the organisation performing change.

Hence, an important factor that is to be assumed in performing change at such a larger level within organisation is that of rationality.

This indicates that the entrepreneurs with positive emotions are likely to perceive a broader range of stimuli as compared to the entrepreneurs with negative emotions (Carsrud and Brännback, 2009).

Thus, the performance of change management process within organisation through the emotional state of mind may affect the change process depending on the moods of the change agents.

The better understanding of the situation allows for better decision making and thereby, the better attainment of results (Singh and Waddell, 2004).

This rational process is being considered by the cognitive theorists of change management and as per this rational theory to change management, the process of change is being given due effect by the professionals by way of considering and balancing the advantages and disadvantages of different alternatives so that higher overall success can be achieved within it.In performing the analysis, the essay therefore focuses on rational thinking in adopting change and it will then analyse the impact of emotional thinking in performing change.Based on the analysis, appropriate conclusion will be reached regarding the effectiveness of change management.Thus, the basis of rational decisions is therefore classified as facts, information, and understanding of decision making problem (Grol, Wensing, Eccles and Davis, 2013).The rational decisions are taken in a sequential manner which leads to their higher credibility in achieving success in the change management process.As per the rational view, the decision maker has the perfect understanding of the decision problem, which allows the decision maker in selecting the better course of actions so that the attainment of major goals from the change management process can be possible.The rational view therefore implies that the change agent is fully aware of the situation at hand and the entire change management process as carried out.As for instance, the perception of individuals with respect to external world gets affected because of emotions.The individual that displays positive emotions is likely to perceive the external world as positive, and contrary to this, individual showing negative emotions tend to perceive the external world as negative.This implies that a positive state of mind of the change agent will result into the positive accomplishment of change, and vice versa.Since, change process as identified above involves higher resources and as it is a time consuming process, an organisation cannot afford to achieve ineffectiveness in its implementation.


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