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Once admitted to these elite schools, these groups are subject to extra scrutiny from the institution, their community ("How are you representing us?") and the constant chaperone of self-doubt ("Am I here because of my race? I know this because my students share with me openly, during and after the writing process.Most students don't want to lean into unfair advantages to propel their narrative forward. We can start that by an honest accounting of who we are, the growth ahead, and what could be possible.

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Our counselors are accustomed to tutoring over the phone and reviewing drafts by email.

They can work with students from anywhere in the world, at any time.

While I think Jia Tolentino previously exposed the problem of nebulous, white-washed admissions greed magnificently for Jezebel, my experience as a personal essay coach for years is very different than hers.

I am white, and I work with students from all demographics, but still primarily young people of color, often young men, and often students whose families qualify as lower-middle or lower class.

The essay writing process itself is so easy to scrutinize as a shortcut for rich kids, but it can be substantive, one of meaningful self-development.

College Essay Coach

The latest college admissions scam has shown us that, shocker, Money is still propping up Elitism and Whiteness, and, surprise surprise, privilege is blind to its own reach.I love coming in at this time and helping to vanquish the anxiety around the essay.To give the student something that lasts beyond actually pressing submit.It means at any one time I am working with students who can afford boutique services and those who cannot.For many students, even those who consider themselves writers or "actually" like writing, their college admissions essay is the most invested they have been so far in a single piece. They want it to do all the things it's supposed to do.This produces some awkward conversations about affordability.However, I’ve had a tussle over finances with only one family.Essay tutoring can cost anywhere from an hour to 0 an hour. But in truth, the kids I work with are rarely bloated themselves.Participating in this as a beneficiary can feel like bourgeois enterprise, and one that upholds all the pillars of race and class disadvantage that this country was built on, and that capitalism relies on. When I offer my coaching services as an independent business owner, I ask families to place themselves on a sliding scale of full fee to pro bono, and we build their customized support from there.And of course, the fact surprising perhaps only to the white people with their head buried in the colonial sand, is that people of color and poor people still have to earn — like, actually earn — their place at the table by working twice if not thrice as hard as everyone else.By living, rather than assuming, their exceptionalism.


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