College Essay Perseverance

Most importantly, to best seller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance.

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The starter asked us to ‘Take your sweats off and stand behind your blocks.’ ‘Runners take your marks.’ Hands shaking, I crouched into the starting blocks. Sprinting as fast as I could in between hurdles, I found myself basically bunny hopping over the rest of them.

My goal was to cross that finish line and to be able to say that I did the very best that I could, even if I didn’t look very graceful along the way.

One Thursday, we had a home track meet against Lake Stevens.

For the first time I was in pretty good shape for my race, the 100-meter hurdles. I was way ahead of the other girls when suddenly, I realized I didn’t have enough speed to carry me over the next hurdle.

I began jumping up and down partially to stay warm, and partially to let out some of my excitement. Gathering all of the strength I could, I grabbed at the air in hopes of guaranteeing clearance.

By this time, I had butterflies in my stomach and the adrenaline was pumping. I had just brushed over the wood when my foot hit the ground and my ankle gave out. I heard a gasp from the crowd and the other racers’ feet pounding past me. I had never gone over a hurdle with my right leg first, but I did after that fall.Even when I started practicing law, “But you’re so smart …” became the stock response to my dissatisfaction with the work.While certain things came easier to me (namely school and legal analysis), other pursuits didn’t. Texas Health Sports Medicine and the Ben Hogan Foundation are seeking nominations for the Ben Hogan Perseverance Award.As a hurdler for County High, I stumble upon some pretty tough obstacles each time I race; the same is true in life.As you can imagine, there were many choice words she could have said to her father at that point.Once the cascade of congratulatory calls from friends and family ended, her father turned to her and said, “I’m proud of you.” Instead of the choice words, Duckworth responded, “Thanks, Dad.” In one respect, my experience was completely different from Duckworth’s.To be clear, the gift of cognitive processing power has certainly not hurt, but it’s not why I’ve started a string of successful businesses since the first one failed.After all, we all know at least one brilliant underachiever who rationalizes their lack of success, right? The true keys are to not be afraid to make mistakes, to not shy away from difficulty, and to enthusiastically learn from it all.Everyone encounters obstacles, but in order to overcome them and succeed, one must never give up.I love to run hurdles, but unfortunately last year, little pulls and strains prevented me from running to my full potential.


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