Colorado Bar Exam Essay Questions

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Doctors take tests throughout their training to advance. Real estate agents and CPAs take tests for certification.

But none of those seem to cause the widespread physical and emotional stress brought on by the bar exam.

The following is a guide on how to approach life after an unsuccessful bar exam result and a resource guide for finding success on your next attempt.

Step 1: Getting Back on Track Step 2: Planning For The Future Step 3: The Re-Application Process Step 4: Preparation for the Bar Exam Step 5: During the Exam Step 6: Life After the Bar Exam Lots of professions have tough exams.

While spending some time alone to collect your thoughts and process the situation is understandable, avoid isolating yourself from your family, friends, and colleagues.

Maintain your daily routine and allow yourself to find joy in the things you love. When you are ready, reach out to the Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program (COLAP).You must decide that you will overcome this challenge and give yourself the best chance to do so.Consider transferring your Colorado UBE score to another UBE jurisdiction While we would much prefer to have you join the profession of law in Colorado, it may make sense for you consider transferring your UBE score for admission in another jurisdiction.If you are unsuccessful on the Colorado bar exam, the first step is to let yourself feel the disappointment, anxiety, dread, anger, and other emotions that may arise.It is important that you allow yourself to be disappointed and frustrated by the outcome.But you must emotionally commit to beating this test.You must decide that this is a goal that you want to achieve and you are going to do your best to get there.You may also experience an array of other mixed feelings. That may not make it easier to accept, but most lawyers will understand and can empathize because of their own experiences with the Bar Exam.It is also important to remember that an unsuccessful attempt does not end your aspirations of a legal career. You can get beyond this bump in the road and move on to a successful legal career.COLAP’s services include resources for a broad range of professional and personal concerns such as: Anxiety Stress and Burn-out Depression Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prescription Drug Concerns Marital & Family Relationships Work/Life Integration Unprofessional Behavior Career Concerns If counseling and/or treatment is needed, COLAP will provide appropriate referrals to treatment providers vetted for experience working with high-level professionals. Telephone: (303) 986-3345 Office visits are by appointment only: Colorado Lawyer Assistance Program 2490 West 26th Avenue Suite 260-A Denver CO 80211 The first step to finding success on the next bar exam is to take care of yourself and ensure that you are physically and emotionally ready to undertake the process again.


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