Columbian Exchange Essay Outline

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This exchange of new ideas, traditions, food, religion and diet changed cultures everywhere....

[tags: Columbian Exchange, ] - The Columbian exchange was the widespread transfer of various products such as animals, plants, and culture between the Americas and Europe.

The Colombian Exchange was an extensive exchange between the eastern and western hemispheres as knows as the Old World and New World.

The Colombian exchange greatly affects almost every society.

Therefore the African Slave start became greatly into effect. The major impacts of the Colombian exchange was Christianity that led to the rise of the Catholic Church, new food crops and domesticated animals that improved the Europeans and American living, new military technology such as weapons and horses, slavery of the natives and Africans and diseases that drastically harmed the different ethnic groups.

Around 1511 Africans began working as slaves in the Americas. Colombian Exchange between the old world and the new world still holds a drastic impact on the world today.While Egypt and Italian city-state of Venice was left with a monopoly on ottoman trade for spices and eastern goods it allowed Portugal and Spain to break the grip by finding an Atlantic route.Portugal took the lead in the Atlantic exploration because of the reconquest from the Muslims, good finances, and their long standing seafaring traditions.Columbus found some people that he named “Indians.” They colonies started to trade with each other, and by doing do, they started the Columbian Exchange.Many countries were involved in this trade, including China, Africa and Italy.The Colombian Exchange explorers created contact between Europe and the Americas.The interaction with Native Americans began the exchange of animals, plants, disease, and weapons.Pernambuco was a land of plantations and Indian slaves. Concluding, the significance of the Columbian exchange greatly impacted what we know of life today.While the market for sugar grew so did the need for slaves. The major impacts that have shaped what we know of the world today happened during the Colombian exchange.The most significant effects that the Colombian Exchange had on the Old World and New World were its changes in agriculture, disease, culture, and its effects on ecology.The immediate cause of the European voyages of discovery was the conquest of Constantinople by the Ottoman Turks in 1453.


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