Compare And Contrast Soccer And Football Essay

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Soccer just simply is not as deeply rooted within the culture as other more “traditionally American” sports, such as baseball, basketball and football.This, however, does not mean that Americans do not consider it to be the “world’s most beautiful game.” The game still holds an integral part of our culture and lives as Americans.Americans also are troubled by various components and logistics of the game, due to unwavering values in American culture: that winning is highly important and that more is better.

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In a soccer match, some of the best plays and true beauty of the sport may be seen in the times not directly resulting in goal.

When this appreciation of the true beauty is missing, there is no doubt that the 90-plus minutes of a low-scoring game will result in some very bored viewers.

For as long as I can remember, I have been a fervent football supporter, and my years of being both a player and spectator have made me who I am today.

The first time I put on a football uniform and stepped onto the field, I was completely unaware of the importance this game would play on my life.

Working together is a huge part of football, teamwork is paramount in football and it has taught me to put others in my team before myself, as well as how to step up and lead, to offer encouragement in the darkest times, when all hope seems lost.

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All these have had a significant impact on my life and will undoubtedly guide me through the rest of my life.

This “universality” of the “world’s most beautiful game,” however, has somewhat failed to hold in the United States.

In comparison to nations worldwide, the United States lacks the fervor and passion surrounding the world’s most popular sport.

It is interesting to note, however, that the lack of beauty would be expected if there was a lack of participation in playing at the youth level.

However, we do see lots of youth participation, so the beauty that is not appreciated is a bit paradoxical.


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