Compare Contrast Essay Beowulf Vs 13th Warrior

Compare Contrast Essay Beowulf Vs 13th Warrior-11
The story leaves , when Ibn Fahdlan is chosen as the thirteenth warrior for a mission to save a kingdom further north from monsters.Ibn Fahdlan and Herger are the audience’s surrogates in the events that unfold.He jumps his horse over a temporary high gate, proving to the Northmen that he is more than what he seems.

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The first third of the film followed closely, as Ibn Fahdlan watched a chieftain’s burial, and the next morning was subject to a huge cultural difference.

As the Northmen woke up, their morning ritual was to wash in a common bowl that a woman brought around to all the men.

The Northmen dismiss him even before they can understand languages together.

As Ibn Fahdlan first tells them his long name, Ahmed Ibn Fahdlan Ibn Al Abbas Ibn Rashid Ibn Hamad, they simply dismiss his attempts by calling him “Eben.” Ibn Fahdlan does not back down, continuing to try to fit in.

explained, Ibn Fahdlan in the film observed the entire ritual, but did not necessarily make any judgments about the Northmen and their methods.

The film continually progresses to the point where both sides find the value of the other, and appreciate their differences. This effect grows stronger throughout the film, as the storyline of the Wendol emerges.She presents it to her master, and he washes his hands and face, and the hair of his head which he also washes, and combs it into the bowl with a comb.Then he blows his nose and spits into it, and indeed there is no filthy deed that he refrains from doing in that water.Ibn Fahdlan races towards a small girl trapped near the head of the dragon, and as he reaches her he sees that it is not a dragon, but hundreds of cavalry with torches.The illusion revealed, he picks up the girl and races back to the safety of the castle., is forced to leave his country after some indiscretions.He is exiled, becoming an ambassador to Northern Europe, and after being harried by Tartar bandits ends up finding an encampment of Northmen.He and his companion see the culture of the Northmen, and the often wild differences between Arabic and Northmen cultures.One of the Northmen, Herger, is able to understand Latin, and explains the events around them to Ibn Fahdlan.The main cultural differences of the film come about as the Northmen and Ibn Fahdlan worked together to defend themselves, and counterattack, against the Wendol. The film portrays the murderous Wendol as believing they are bears, and they attack the Northmen violently.Crichton observed that the notion of the Wendols being Neanderthals, still existing alongside modern humans, was a little more palatable in 1994 than in its original release date of 1976.


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