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Berlin saw the totalitarian advances of the previous decades in the East, and their intellectual apologists in the West, as an enormous threat to the Anglo-Saxon tradition of liberty and freedom.His passionate defence of J S Mill's view of liberty, and his attack on the Hegelian conception of it, in Four Essays on Liberty, became the starting point for any modern discussion on freedom, and also helped to revive a subject that had fallen into the doldrums.But he was a true cosmopolitan, as well-known in New York, Jerusalem and Paris as he was in Britain; and, though scarcely a socialite, he was prominent in many corners of society, with a quite remarkable array of friends and admirers.

Baron Guy de Rothschild (a kinsman of Berlin's future wife Aline) encountered Berlin in New York.

"The most immediately striking thing about him was his unconventional appearance," de Rothschild remembered, "his peculiar air of seeming to float in his clothing." In Washington, where he lodged in Dick Heathcoat Amory's basement, Berlin dis covered - to his delight - that women found him attractive.

Berlin's first book, published in 1939, was a study of Karl Marx.

He was commissioned to write the book by H A L Fisher, but only (so Berlin claimed) after it had been offered to Harold Laski, Frank Pakenham and Richard Crossman.

His political views were not, he recalled, pronounced, except for a general support for liberal ideas and progressive forces.

After taking Firsts in Greats and PPE, he moved from one Oxford college to another, briefly teaching philosophy at New College before obtaining, in 1932, a Prize Fellowship of All Souls, where he remained until returning to New College as a Fellow in 1938.The essay and the lecture were the forms in which Berlin excelled.Yet his reputation stretched far beyond, reaching those who had neither read his work nor heard his lectures.Contact us if you experience any difficulty logging in.uses cookies to personalize content, tailor ads and improve the user experience. In later life, Berlin regretted that they had been somewhat inward-looking; once they had convinced each other of a proposition, they moved on, seeing no need to publish their results.Although Berlin made a significant contribution to the ordinary language movement, and published several well-regarded papers on the logic of counterfactual conditionals, he clearly felt uncomfortable with many of the conclusions of the monolithic logical philosophy of the time.No one has written more convincingly or lucidly about the world of thought.In the estimation of Lord Annan, Berlin produced "the truest and most moving of all interpretations of life that my own generation has made".The result, Karl Marx, has seldom been out of print.During the Second World War, Berlin served as a British official in America, first with the Information Service in New York, from 1941 to 1942, and then at the Embassy in Washington, from 1942 to 1944.


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