Confederate Day Essay Gettysburg Leadership Three Union

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Grant stands with his most famous horse, Cincinnati.

This magnificent horse, standing 18 hands high, was given to Grant in January, 1864, by a St.

"I was fully persuaded that the Rebels had actually come at last.

What they would do with us was a fearful question to my young mind.

After a long day of fighting, they barely held the position.

The misplaced bluecoats were pushed back through The Peach Orchard, The Wheat Field, and Devil's Den.

Tillie witnessed the entire battle and published her observations twenty-six years after the event.

"We were having our literary exercises on Friday afternoon, at our Seminary, when the cry reached our ears.

"As for myself, I had scarcely reached the front door, when, on looking up the street, I saw some of the men on horseback. Clad almost in rags, covered with dust, riding wildly, pell-mell down the hill toward our home!

I scrambled in, slammed shut the door, and hastening to the sitting room, peeped out between the shutters. Shouting, yelling most unearthly, cursing, brandishing their revolvers, and firing right and left.


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