Constitutional Law Essay Exam Questions

One of these questions is also included in the Torts MEE Practice Questions study aid, because that question presents both Constitutional Law and Torts issues.

Accordingly, Congress passed the following statute: After lengthy hearings, the members of Congress have determined that the increase on crime is having such a substantial negative effect on commerce in the United States that emergency measures are needed.

We have also determined that the most effective way in which to combat this crime and help revive the economy is to create a national database of fingerprints.

Make them draft legal arguments that engages all the material!

It’s not a quirk of fate that decides if someone ends up at the NAACP or the Sessions DOJ.

) — what value does a student get from cobbling together legal precedent as it stood in 1954? But even if the question asked students to prepare a memo for a hypothetical state defending itself TODAY against a claim that its policies have produced de facto segregation in violation of — which at least approaches substantive worth — it’s still of dubious value.

If you aren’t rolling with at least one issue spotter that requires passing understanding of the dormant commerce clause, demand your tuition back. And that’s before we get to the fact that the only essay requires students to expound upon the Equal Protection Clause… Conservative blog Misrule of Law, in trying to defend the professor’s question, characterizes this exam as teaching students to “think like a lawyer.” This may be a perfectly noble sentiment, but it’s a red herring — this question doesn’t teach a law student to think like a lawyer any more than asking a student how they would balance the humors would teach someone to “think like a doctor.” Even if we pretend there’s a good argument against the holding in — like Trump’s judicial nominees do (but don’t ask them about it or it hurts their precious feelings!

Even those committed to private sector practice will turn down high-profile work to protect their professional brand.

Learning to strategically consider both sides of an issue may be pedagogically valuable, but only to the extent it allows an advocate to sharpen the argument they want to make.

The increase in energy supplies caused the United States economy to slump. Suddenly the United States was looking at a potential economic disaster at least on a par with the Great Depression of the 1930's. Indeed, most commentators and politicians described the situation as an "epidemic of crime." This was not just larceny or burglary.

Rather, the unexpected plunge of the stock market seemed to trigger a tremendous amount of violent crime.


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