Cope Coursework Stress

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On top of all, more strain comes from social adjustment, particularly adjusting to university life while separating one’s self from family and friends [14].

In addition, tests, grades, competition, time demands, professional class environment, and concern about future careers were found to be major source of academic stress [15].

Over 82% found studying stressful and 64.3% were not sleeping well. Perceived stress scores were statistically significantly high for specific stressors of studying in general, worrying about future, interpersonal conflict, and having low self-esteem.

Coping strategies that were statistically significantly applied more often were blaming oneself and being self-critical, seeking advice and help from others, and finding comfort in religion. Most of the stressors are from coursework and interpersonal relationships.

It has also been reported that student’s perception of high stress levels may lead to poor academic performance, depression, attrition, and serious health problems [13].

A different study on stress management suggested that monitoring student-stress and the methods utilized to deal with it could have valuable implications for higher education administrators [29].

Instead, make sure you stick to a balanced diet, full of slow-burning-energy foods (like pasta, wholemeal bread, fruit and vegetables), drink lots of water to keep your brain hydrated, and try to get plenty of sleep.

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A little exam stress is inevitable, but make sure you don't fall into any of these traps: via GIPHY Lots of people instinctively reach for extra coffee, cola, or energy drink - thinking that the extra boost will give them a head start.

This might help you stay awake an extra hour or so, but it won't do you much good in the long term!


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