Corporate Social Responsibility Case Study Coca Cola

Due to the very nature of the commons (especially if it is large and complex), it is rarely feasible to assign property rights to firms individually.

Moreover, private ownership by large corporations of the commons, which are often perceived as public goods, would be politically difficult in most democratic countries.

Other large corporations could use Coca-Cola’s example to spread their power for good and help to inspire local businesswoman, like Mama Njeri, to help feed her community and spread farming and business education.

As well as making a profit by supplying products or services that people want to buy, it can be a positive influence on the rest of society, including - in the case of multinationals - local communities spread across the globe.

It is now a central concept in human ecology and the study of the environment, and can be used to view a variety of commons related problems, such as population growth, environmental pollution, groundwater basins, forest management, climate change, fishing, wildlife habitats, and traffic congestion.

The prediction of the inevitable tragedy assumes that all individuals are inherently selfish.

An enlightened business recognises that it is in its own interests to be socially responsible, since an enhanced public image is more likely to be attractive to investors, employees, customers, consumers, suppliers and host governments.

This case study focuses on the approach The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) takes to social responsibility.

Most examples of successful group property schemes have been in the context of very local communities, such as villages in Switzerland and Nepal.

People live in the same village for generations and intend to live there for generations to come.


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