Creative Chalkboard Writing

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Once I found and started using chalk markers, I realized that this was one of the tricks to perfect letters I had been missing out on all of this time!

They are so easy to use and make your letters look perfect.

Every new design I create will be added here, and you'll have free access - forever!

Sherry at Young House Love, Katie at Bower Power, Kate at Centsational Girl, and Michelle at Ten June are holding a Pinterest Challenge Party this week.

I still put up this silver platter upcycled into a fall wreath every year! I can’t help but smile when I see this before leaving out the backdoor, not only for the quote, but also because I love that I actually wrote those letters!

I used this same process to make my menu boards from old cabinet doors.

Then, you’ll flip the paper over and place it on your chalkboard.

Using a pencil, trace over the design and as you do, the chalk will transfer to the chalkboard surface. Then, use chalk markers or regular chalk to trace over the transferred image.

Well I thought I would share some of my tricks I have learned along the way. I, being an extremely lazy DIY-er, would much rather eyeball it, but I can’t tell you how many times I have started over because something wasn’t centered (I have major symmetrical issues) or I ran out of room. I get mine from the dollar store, no fancy chalk paint pens for me. For my chalkboards I don’t actually download them, they have this handy dandy feature where you can preview your text. Just google whatever you are looking for to get some inspiration! You will mess up at least a few times even with all your careful planning. I drew one egg on my chalkboard, traced it on a piece of vellum, cut it out and used it over and over again. I like to use at least 2 fonts to add interest to my design but I try to cap it at 3 or 4. I usually stick to one script font, one that’s more bold and blocky, and one that is super simple. There’s no right or wrong way to do chalkboard art.

I like to draw out on a piece of scratch paper what I have in mind for the chalkboard, it’s a lot easier to switch around on paper than it is to keep drawing, erasing, drawing, erasing on your chalkboard.


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