Creative Writing Summer Programs For College Students

Leslie Quigless is a writer and writing teacher who has taught literature and creative writing courses in New York, Brazil, and, most recently within Emory University's Continuing Education program.She received a journalism degree from UNC-Chapel Hill and holds two master-level degrees in education from New York University and Harvard University.To help them pen truly vivid work that captures their readers, the young writers engage in creative writing activities through which they study the classic fundamentals of storytelling as well as practice its more diverse tributaries, such as spoken word poetry.

The High School Creative Writing Intensive challenges talented and dedicated high school student writers to investigate deeply the many facets of storytelling, and then focus their energy, enthusiasm, and learning toward crafting original fiction or creative nonfiction works.

The course begins survey-style, with the young writers studying various genres of fiction and nonfiction storytelling before constructing individual projects reflective of their writing interests.

This provides great practice for the programme’s writing workshops, where participants critique their peers’ writing and receive important feedback from them in turn.

In just two weeks, the Immerse Creative Writing programme will equip eager writers with the tools they need to begin bringing their ideas to life.

Additionally, students attend at least one literary field trip and receive instruction during Master Class with a professional creative writer who comes in from the field to talk with students about what it’s like to be a writer, teach lessons on various aspects of the creative writing process, and provide feedback on their course projects.

Students emerge from the Intensive with concrete creative writing skills; enhanced understanding of themselves as writers and storytellers; and a deeper appreciation for the art and skill of storytelling.

As you go over key concepts, your tutors will work to individualise your instruction, adjusting tutorials based on your ability and interests.

Class assignments take the form of essays, short stories, and brief writing exercises designed to get you out of your comfort zone and challenging yourself.

Throughout the creative writing summer school course, you’ll also read and critically analyse great works of writing by authors like Elizabeth Strout, Mary Gaitskill, Norman Mailer, Benjamin Markovitz, and more.

Your tutor will guide you through the readings, pushing you to go beyond your first impressions as you uncover the techniques these masters employ in their work.


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