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The museum that exists in the middle of the town has also seen rapid changes as many activities have been invented and especially by the multinational corporations since some Parisians do not want to be associated with some places.A globalized youth culture exists in all towns including in Paris.Globalization also influence the traditional food of a country, where the local economy is also affected.

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As a result, the local and traditional meals are being snubbed.

Particularly, in the country of the Philippines where birthdays and fiestas are constantly celebrated.

Most Filipinos prepare pancit and lechon as a traditional meal but in today’s generation, spaghetti and fried chicken are the main favorites.

Thus, the traditional cuisines of a certain country are suffering.

In my view, I agree with the notion that local traditions are being devalued by this modernization.

The modernization of globalization can directly affect the cultural diversity of a country.

The reason why they do this is in the efforts to create their own identity and become different from others in different cities.

The argument of this essay appears to be “Different age groups adopt different cultures which satisfy their lives and make them enjoy it to their fullest.” In other words, happiness is achieved in different ways by age groups. The first paragraph opens with the topic sentence, “When we focus on the youths, they are seen to have a different culture than all the other people.” The topic sentence of the second paragraph looks to be “youth culture is catching up with that of the world…” The essay concludes with the idea youths adopt cultural traits from other cities to add to their own cultures.

Thereby, in the countries of China and Iran, their government mandated to block numerous social media such as Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube.

Hence, globalization tends to have tremendous effects in local and traditional clothing.


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