Deindividuation Theory Aggression Essay

If we grow up in an environment where aggressive responses (like punching walls in anger) are the norm, we are much more likely to exhibit these same responses as adults.

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This refers to a person being rewarded (reinforced) by his or her society for exhibiting a specific behavior. In many cultures, boys are expected to be strong and brave.

They must show their strength through aggressively taking what they want.

Personal causes of aggression can be linked to biological explanations such as instincts, hormonal imbalances and alterations in blood chemistry through illness or voluntary ingestion of alcohol or drugs. We have over 200 college courses that prepare you to earn credit by exam that is accepted by over 1,500 colleges and universities.

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This cultural disparity between acceptance of aggression in the different genders may stem from a collective memory shared by all of humanity of males needing to protect the family and hunt for food in the earliest days of humanity.

Some cultures not only reward aggression, but also demand aggression under certain circumstances.When a boy shows aggressive tendencies to gain leadership of a group, he is rewarded with respect.If a boy expresses a desire toward non-aggression, he is often ridiculed.Research has shown that boys who show aggressive tendencies are more readily accepted in society (and by their peers) than boys who do not express aggression toward others.An interesting point to make where gender and culture are concerned is that the majority of cultures in developed countries see men that show aggressive traits as strong and desirable, while women that do the same are seen as negative (bossy).Also, people under stress tend to resort to aggression much more quickly than those who are not under internal pressure at the time of an incident.Causes for aggression can be linked to a person's social experiences, cultural upbringing and individual personal circumstances.There are many personal causes for aggression, many of which are biologically based.Instincts can be defined as a basic intrinsic understanding of the world and how to behave.Some Middle Eastern and South Asian cultures live by an honor system which states that if a family's honor (or any family member's honor) has been tarnished, an aggressive response will reinstate the honor.Honor killings are when a person who is deemed to have tarnished the family honor is killed by other family members in an effort to maintain family honor.


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