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Well, I thought he was the ugliest thing I’d ever seen, and told him so.“And also, you stink.

But most of all, your taste in art stinks.” To reveal emotions and thoughts, you need to use the sensory details: tasting, smelling, hearing, seeing. Thus, your essay will be more realistic and engaging for your reader.

And yet, dialogue is one of those devices that can give you a lot of bang for your buck, delivering a punch of personality or a wallop of context using just a few carefully culled utterances.

Dialogue is also one of those tools that is easy to waste if you don’t know how to wield it for maximum effect.

That’s why is it better to write the first thought, place a comma and tag, and then continue the dialogue. “I studied and studied, but somehow I choked and left most of it blank.” As you see, all dialogues follow a simple guideline.

Keep the main rules in mind and start writing a dialogue to convey your message!

You may also use a combination of direct and indirect dialogue for emphasis.

It looks like this: Billy and I moved on to the next painting.“That’s the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen.” He curled his lip in disgust.

In these cases, you should ask yourself: why is this the best way to share my story?

If you can answer that question and still believe you’re making the right choice, by all means, continue with your experiment.


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