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After moving out of the trailer park, she chooses to migrate to Maine.

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In fact, according to her, these conditions are unlivable and can be referred to as another form of slavery (although not official).

Throughout her story, Ehrenreich poses a hypothetical question regarding survival concerns that face many Americans working on minimum wages.

Before luckily finding a residence in a trailer park, Ehrenreich makes the discovery that, "unless I want to start using my car as a residence, I have to find a second or alternative job" (28).

She learns that is this were her actual life, she could not make ends meet on one job alone.

She observes how her fellow co-workers often avoid talking of money issues.

They do not have enough money to lead a somewhat normal life, none the less a recreational one.

These people toil to earn meager wages that are less than their monthly expenses and needs.

In fact, as Ehrenreich puts it, they survive in “unlivable” conditions, which are not quite different from slavery.

This is a story by Barbara Ehrenreich on how she tries to relate expenses to earnings for a minimum wage worker.

Ehrenreich explores how Americans that earn low wages survive in a country where they form the largest sector.


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