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Here are the ways in which you can prepare your company for virtually any type of data related disaster.Standard computers are used to create and save text documents, send and receive email communications, edit and create spreadsheets, and more.It is imperative that organizations not only develop a DRP but also test it, train personnel and document it properly before a real disaster occurs.

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A DRP may require employees to relocate to a hotsite to resume work, if work cannot be conducted at the normal business site.

This hotsite is an off-site location supplied with the computer equipment and data necessary to continue an organization's normal work.

However, most follow a similar structure, encompassing definitions, duties, step-by-step response procedures and maintenance activities.

In our template, we’ve used the following outline: Like any policy document, a DR plan is useless if it spends most of its life sitting in a drawer somewhere.

In today’s data-dependent world, the failure to bounce back from an IT outage could be enough to kill your business.

The practice of preparing for downtime, and of taking steps to ensure a speedy return to normality, is called disaster recovery (DR) planning.

Then a business impact analysis (BIA) is needed to determine which business functions are the most critical and the requirements to get the IT components of those functions operational again after a disaster, either on-site or off-site.

Every employee must be made aware of the DRP and when implemented, effective communication is essential.

Your DR plan should take into account the following: At the centre of most DR plans are two all-important KPIs, which are typically applied individually to different IT services: recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO).

Don’t be confused by the jargon, because they’re very simple: Even a small business DR plan can be a lengthy and complex document.


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