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Consequently, the graduate school reader/editor, or an assistant dean, is charged with solving student problems and bringing those they cannot solve to the dean’s attention.When I was a graduate school editor I had the lofty title of Research and Writing Coordinator, but I was just an editor.

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This arrangement is one of the checks and balances in place to protect graduate students from abuse.

The position of graduate dean is often a part-time appointment in addition to a regular faculty role.

Advisors do not take a class in how to be an advisor.

Consequently, they tend to put students through the same process they went through themselves, and it may not have been a good model. “You can call me Bob.” An advisor who insists that the student call him/her by their first name is a red flag.

He or she is probably on a tenure track, meaning their work will be scrutinized by other members of the department.

I heard the following complaint (typical of this red flag) within the last month: “My department chair said Professor Smith was a rising star and had a lot of creative ideas.

He is supporting 10 graduate students, and is in demand as a speaker.

It is an honor to be his student because he can really help you professionally.” This recommendation by a helpful faculty member is a red flag.

There are bad thesis and dissertation advisors in every institution of higher education in every part of the world.

Bad thesis and dissertations advisors cost students thousands of dollars, many months of unnecessary toil, and, in too many cases, the graduate degree they are seeking.


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