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Founder of the cinéma-vérité movement and pioneer of techniques like 'shared anthropology' and 'ethno-fiction,' Rouch used the medium of film to stimulate new ways of thinking about anthropological knowledge, cross-cultural encounters, and the apparent fixity of social roles in the (post)colonial world order.

Students must be registered in dissertation (or dissertation extension if they have already completed all regular dissertation sequence courses), during the term in which they achieve dissertation clearance.

Dissertation clearance means not only successful defense, but completion of any required revisions and submission of the dissertation in its final form to the University library.d) The student repeats this process until the document is acceptable.

Media philosopher Vilém Flusser argues that when we lack immediate access to an object, knowing that object requires we learn to read media.

Building on his work, this project assumes an epistemological necessity to study the media we use to record, store, and communicate ideas.


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