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In Scene 2, Clitandre arrives and makes it clear that Armande is deluding herself; her coldness killed his love for her, and he is now truly in love with Henriette.In Scene 3, the embittered Armande leaves and Henriette advises Clitandre to gain the consent of her mother (Philaminte), for it is she who dominates the family.

In Scene 2, Clitandre arrives and makes it clear that Armande is deluding herself; her coldness killed his love for her, and he is now truly in love with Henriette.

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Act IVIn Scene 1, Armande is conducting a tirade against Clitandre.

Clitandre appears in Scene 2 and asks why she hates him so.

But the hollowness of this claim is revealed in Scene 5: Martine, the family servant, runs in, announcing she is being sent away by Philaminte.

Philaminte and Belise enter in Scene 6 and reveal the motive for their anger at Martine: she has committed a terrible crime - bad grammar, which is worse, they say, than theft.

His quarrel with Trissotin over the quality of Trissotin's poetry reveals the latter's pettiness. He claims to be the master of the house and affirms that women should occupy themselves in the management of the household and nothing else; however, he in fact gives way to his wife when taking decisions. Brother of Chrysale, he is angered by the way Chrysale allows himself to be intimidated by his wife, and gives his support to Clitandre and Henriette. At the beginning of the play, Philaminte sends her away because of a monstrous crime: her bad grammar.

The role of Chrysale was played by Molière himself at the first performances. She is the only woman in the family who is not one of the "learned ladies"; she prefers romantic love to their pedantries. She returns at the end and speaks up for Clitandre and Henriette.Because he flatters her intellectual pride in her own abilities, she considers him a great scholar, to the point that she thinks him a perfect match for her daughter Henriette.She is a formidable woman and intimidates her husband; but she allows the affairs of the household to fall into chaos, so obsessed is she with her cultural activities. Sister of Chrysale, she is a rather elderly woman who has never married, and we are led to believe that it is partly out of resentment that she has become one of the "learned ladies".But Belise here interrupts, saying that he is wrong and in fact Clitandre loves her; Ariste responds by mocking her and pointing out she is always inventing suitors for herself.Belise leaves; in Scene 4, Chrysale consents to the marriage; when Ariste advises that he talk to his wife about it, Chrysale replies there is nothing to discuss and that he makes the decisions in this household.Clitandre knows he must flatter Philaminte to gain her consent, but finds her "studies" foolish and cannot hide this.He meets Henriette's aunt Belise in Scene 4 and attempts to speak with her about his wish to marry Henriette, but Belise imagines that this is merely a subtle way of declaring that he loves her (Belise) and ignores what he is actually trying to say.Philaminte explains in Scene 4 why she has forced Henriette to stay; she announces her intention that Henriette marry Trissotin.Armande congratulates Henriette in Scene 5, and reminds her of her duty to obey their mother.And Philaminte, supported by Henriette's aunt and sister, wishes her to marry Trissotin, a "scholar" and mediocre poet with big teeth, who has these three women completely in his thrall.For these three ladies are "learned"; their obsession in life is learning and culture of the most pretentious kind, and Trissotin is their special protégé and the fixture of their literary salon.


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